Gaga nips out

We've paid homage to Lady Gaga's rather unusual fashion sense before, but now comes the time to pull her up on a certain fashion matter: finding a bra that fits. The princess of pop-art popped a nip out during a performance in Ibiza on Saturday and it was all down to a badly fitting conical bra. Avoidable.

Check out the photo here.

Everyone knows that a decent bra is any fashionista's essential wardrobe fare, so we've done a round up of some of our favourite places to buy lush lingerie.

If you've never heard of Italian high street lingerie store, Intimissimi, then prepare to be addicted. Italians do it better on a lot of things, and fresh, pretty downright chic underwear at understated prices is no exception. Check out the flagship UK store on Oxford Street or fawn over some of this season's must haves on the Intimissimi site.

A cheaper alternative to Intimissimi (and owned by the same parent company, Calzedonia) is Tezenis; an Italian underwear chain featuring womens, mens and childrens underwear and sleepwear. Yummy things can be found at a snip, especially in sale times - which is now. Head down to the Regent Street store or check out the site.

Armani underwear sounds like it'll burn a big hole in your bank balance, but the cheaper Emporio line doesn't - especially when you get it during the Yoox sale.

The Agent Provocateur summer sale is officially on, and with up to 75% off it's worth a serious credit card bash. Yeh yeh, recession.

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