Gaga fashion star

So, being the wacky dresser of the group, you want to dazzle your friends at your next big night out on the tiles. Yet somehow, emerging from a giant, opaque egg and wearing a bow on your head just seems a little 1990?

Then look no further as Lady Gaga's very own stylist, Nicola Formichetti, will be curating two massive flash sales through fashion brand Gilt Groupe that will give fans the edge in the quirky style stakes, we learn from Hollywood Life.

In the same week (around May 23rd) that Gaga's latest head-spinning bundle of music joy 'Born this Way' hits the music store shelves, the two day sale will be taking place, allowing followers to pick up items that feature in a number of Gaga's defining videos.

'Nicola brought in all the pieces he made for Gaga when he styled the shoot. The looks were shot yesterday and he [Nicola] incorporated signature Gaga items, like the glasses she [Gaga] wore in the 'Just Dance' video and the cane she had in the 'Bad Romance' video,' our source said.'

'They aren’t stopping at just clothes — shoppers will also be able to download the Born This Way album and buy tickets for Gaga’s tour. 'For the first time ever, Gilt will give their shoppers the opportunity to download an album and buy concert tickets,' our source said.'

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