Gaga and Beyonce in fashion heaven

If like us, you sat awe-struck watching the Lady Gaga and Beyonce fashion spectacle that is 'Telephone' and said to yourself: 'I will simply die if I can't dress myself in crime scene gaffer tape and a yellow cowboy hat accessorised with Coke-can hear curlers, just like Gaga', then today's your lucky day. Nicola Formichetti, the stylist behind the scenes at the shoot, has given away all her fashion secrets to Grazia. So you can now obsessively trawl frame by frame through the video and impress your friends with your knowledge of pop trivia.

The bad news if you wanted to (god forbid) actually buy the clothes, is that most of them are either custom-made or by Lady Gaga's 'fashion house', the Haus of Gaga, though we think our origami skills will stretch to recreating the paper telephone hat. The rest of the clothes are designer vintage, with Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Christian Laboutin and Jean Charles de Castelbajac all playing starring roles.

So what are you waiting for? Let's grab the gaffer tape, aluminium cans and origami kit, and get busy!

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