Gabor Shoes: An Excellent Choice

Gabor shoes can be bought directly from the Gabor store opened by The Clinkard Group at Eveline House Preston, Farm Business Park, Stockton-on-Tees. But you can also buy them on line from gaborshoes.co.uk.

Types of Shoes

Gabor can offer a wide range of shoes, boots, sandals and handbags for women. You can choose the shoe type you need by selecting the heel height, the boot type, the colour, the fitting and the occasion you intend to wear it for. You can get casual, dress or work women heels. Party shoes are also available as high heels. Gabor offers a variety of colours for almost any occasion. The shoes from Gabor are created to meet the requirements of a rather classic style, no matter if they are for work or play. A certain conservative touch is the mark of Gabor as a brand.

The Heels and the Fitting

Heels and fitting are very important for shoes in general. They can provide comfort and also can make a shoe suitable for parties or for casual or work wear. The heels are available in four heights: flat, low, medium and high. Gabor is also offering two possible fittings: standard and wide. This makes these particular shoes one of the most comfortable brands on market.

The Stockists

You can get shoes made by Gabor from one of the stockists. These are companies that always have shoes on stock and which can provide you with almost any product you want. Stockists are either stores or online shops. Gabor shoes are thus a great and reliable brand available in many parts of the United Kingdom in many styles, colours and sizes.

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