Galliano countersued

If we were a Hollywood screenwriter, we'd be chomping at the bit to get the rights to the Galliano story, with all its bizarre plot twists.

Galliano fired his lawyer Stephane Zerbib last week, due to 'irregularities' in his handling of Galliano's finances. Then it was announced that Galliano would be taking Zerbib to court on charges of embezzlement, alleging that his former lawyer had siphoned off almost €3 million from his account and one of his firms.

Zerbib has now hit back by countersuing Galliano for defamation, claiming the designer has been smearing him with allegations and that Galliano had never expressed concern about any transfer of money when they worked together.

A spokesperson for Galliano told Vogue: 'These latest developments are all a huge blow to Mr Galliano; to discover a trusted 'friend' has been abusing his position over a number of years is such a disappointment - but Mr Galliano needs to continue to focus on his rehab and recovery and his team cannot be distracted by Mr Zerbib's noise when there is legal defence to prepare.'

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