Fur fashion trends for 2013

Have you noticed how nearly everyone is wearing something furry once the cold sets in from coats and jackets to bags and shoes? Fur as a fashion staple has never really disappeared, but is indeed making a solid comeback. It’s going strong for the last couple of years. Whether it’s real or faux fur, fur fashion trends are stronger than ever.

Where fur goes

Fall winter 2013 collections show dominant fur fashion trends, as follows:

  • Coats, jacket, and vests

Yes, outerwear is the first to get a fur makeover as we can see from the collections of Jil Sander’s short and long beaver coats. Then there are the fascinating pieces from Ter et Bantine with the oh so warm mink coats and accents on jackets and vests. At the Milan Fashion Week, Roberto Cavalli unveiled his collection of plumage showing a bit of 'rock and roll' mixing fur in different colours. Black fur with red spots, white, and gold trims, the combination was delightful and debunked the myth that fur colours should not be mixed. He used different types of furs and dyed them in various hues. Versace is also making a strong comeback with Donatella’s creations the objects of admiration. Picture fox or mink coats in striking patterns and colour combinations from zebra to tiger prints and you have a show stopper.

  • On shoes

Watch out for those furry shoes, boots and pumps. It seems designers are snuggling up to the warmth of fur and shoes have not escaped the magic wand of fashion houses. From stunning creations of Laura Biagiotti to Gianfranco Ferre, we see beautiful and toasty shoes in fur.

  • Headgear

From chapka hats to beanies lined or trimmed with pelt, it seems natural fur is a main component of headgear. After all, 80% of body heat is lost through the head so it makes sense to use fur, real or not.

  • Around the neck

Stole, shawls, and scarves are also getting the makeover and what can be more elegant than going out with a mink or pelt stole around your neck?

  • As trimmings on bags

Bags with fur trims do not escape the wrath of fur mania this year and we admit they certainly look nice, but who are they protecting? They add a glamorous touch though to the fur outfits you’re wearing.

And it goes on

Yes, fur fashion trends are overwhelming this year and probably more intense compared to the last two years. For some reason, even young people are donning furry clothes and accessories. Maybe it’s fashionable to follow fur fashion trends or could it be that it’s just plain warm and that’s all we need to survive hard, cold days that seem to last forever.

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