The best funny fancy dress ideas

Whenever you attend a fancy dress party, you'll always find someone dressed as a  cowboy, a hippie or a sexy kitten - not very fun and quite boring. You don't have to follow the crowd and try on a simple costume - there are plenty of funny fancy dress ideas out there for you to try out.

If you want to wear something interesting and inventive, but are coming up with blanks and not ideas, consider one of the costumes from the list of funny fancy dress ideas below;

  • A giant banana or Banana Man
  • Man Eating Shark - with your head coming out of the shark's mouth
  • Go with a friend as Salt and Pepper pots
  • A pregnant nun
  • A hotdog
  • An aging Hooters girl or Baywatch babe
  • A whoopee cushion

If you're not a fan of fancy dress parties and don't want to put much effort into your costume, why not borrow some of your friend's clothes and go as them. People might be confused about what you've come as, but it'll be a great conversation starter.

You can find fancy dress costumes like the ones described in this article from the sites below;

  • fancydress.com
  • escapade.co.uk
  • props-n-frocks.co.uk
  • partydomain.co.uk
  • acefancydress.co.uk

Shop around to try and find the best price for your costume. Alternatively you could look on ebay.co.uk for a second hand item or even go down the hand made route. If you do decide to make your costume yourself take your time and don't just make it the day before - you don't want your costume to be funny for the wrong reasons.

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