Funky Manbi snow boots for outdoor winter fun!

Manbi is famous for its “Space boots”. These are retro style winter boots that come in funky designs and colours. Extremely warm and comfortable, these boots look absolutely great anywhere. It is suitable for skiing, snowboarding or just for some snow fun with your kids. Available in black, purple, white and pink, Manbi snow boots for ladies and girls is definitely a must have. These lovely items are on sale for just £34.99 from its original price of £39.99. You can buy these from www.campingworld.co.uk, which is an online apparel and accessories shop for outdoor leisure activities.

Another best-seller from Manbi would be the Sophie boots, which comes in both black and baby pink. Designed with faux fur cuff and a faux suede upper covering, this is an all around winter footwear. The Manbi Sophie boots are also on sale for just £49.99.

Take a look at Manbi snow boots for toddlers as well. The Manbi Tiptoe and Manbi Snowy boots are extremely adorable in both pink colours for toddlers, which cost only £24.99 and £22.99, respectively. It is warm and comfortable for little girls’ feet. The Manbi Baltimore snow boots is also available for just £24.99. It is a stylish unisex boots for kids, which comes in a brown colour. These toddler boots are designed to keep little feet warm with its fleece lining and waterproof cover.

Check out the website for all these lovely footwear from Manbi. They are definitely affordable and fashionable enough for the cold weather everyone is expecting this winter. Get some for your kids and don’t forget to buy a pair for yourself as well.

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