A funky baby needs some funky clothes

The Funky Baby Look

How to dress a funky baby here in the UK? Fashion designers are making it easier and easier for parents to do so. They know they have a market in the weathly West London crowd.

High Designers

The likes of Gucci and Prada offer an entire range of cool and fashionable baby clothes to make them look just like mummy and daddy. The expenditure for this type of clothing can be upwards of £100 for a simple top or bottoms.

High Street Designers

If your budget doesn't stretch quite that far, no problem. Many high street brands do a small baby clothing range too. Funky baby clothing can be purchased at stores like All Saints and Diesel.

Allsaints make some great clothing like leather jackets and cool army boots for babies as young as 1 year old. Diesel do deisgner jeans and tops for 1 year olds for competitive prices.

Shop Online

The best place to get bargains for this type of clothing is obviously online. Do your research and you can pick up some real steals for not much cost at all

The negative side of buying baby clothes is, of course, that they do not last long as the babies grow so fast. There are places, like high-end second-hand shops, in London, where this clothing can be sold on for a good price. Alternatively, try selling your un-needed clothing on eBay - if you have the hang of ebusiness. This way you can reach the global market place.

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