Funderwear gives a different flavour to undergarments

If you’re bored with your relationships or are trying to make them work, Durex might have a practical and erotic solution. The condom maker is testing a new type of underwear for both men and women called funderwear. It is now possible to be kooky and get close to a loved one by activating an app on a phone. We show how fundawear works.

What it is all about

  • History

Durex has long been credited for making durable condoms. It is a British trademark which has been in existence since 1929. Durex stands for durability, reliability and excellence. It is now owned by Renckitt Benckiser.

  • Current project

The condom manufacturer is making it all exciting once again for lovers and couples to be with each other with funderwear. How? Durex Australia is going to make use of actuators, simple electric devices responsible for phones vibrating when they ring. When wired or attached to undergarments, they will make the same effect as a vibrator allowing lovers to touch each other from a distance. Virtual sex may soon be a thing of the past if this project goes into production. The set will include bra, panties, and boxer briefs that will produce movements when activated by a phone app.

Funderwear will “tease, tickle, and tantalize even when apart”, says Durex making it “the ultimate pleasure.” Sex by phone or through the internet? It might be the next best thing to happen in your relationship. Fundawear is going to create a big buzz once it goes into commercial production. The only worry is, how are you going to feel when your lingerie is wired?


Funderwear is still at the experimental stage, but if you live in Australia, you can sign-up through your Facebook page to participate in the testing phase. Wearing wired lingerie might yet be another way to improve relationships for those who are adventurous enough to try this new type of revolutionary underwear.

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