From pop to fashion design

You may have caught some of the Lily Allen's trials and tribulations as she prepared to launch her Lucy in Disguise boutique on TV recently. She and her sister Sarah Owen obviously went on a steep learning curve as they prepared to enter the fashion industry but it seems Lily is not planning to stop there. The former pop star has announced that she is designing a fashion line which will be sold under the Lucy in Disguise umbrella, alongside the boutique's vintage selections.

According to Vogue, the collection will 'feature dresses named after significant people and places - such as Capone, a Thirties-inspired black sequinned dress, and Fortnums, a Forties-style tea dress.'

The collection will be sold at the Lucy in Disguise boutique as well as Harvey Nichols, and (at a later date) worldwide retailers. Lily has released a sneak preview of the collection's illustrations - check them out here.

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