From heaven to YS Hell

Stefano Pilati took over at the helm of YSL in 2004, after the death of the iconic designer, but a few years on, the critics are circling, spreading rumours of his untimely demise at the company. Now Stefano has taken the unusual step of speaking to Vogue, dismissing these stories, and vowing to stay on at YSL.

Pilati told Vogue, 'To tell you the truth, [the pressure] more coming from outside than from myself. I try to understand where the negative reviews are coming from. I'm very surprised when criticism comes from a very shallow approach. We can discuss it if there's something you don't like and that's fair enough, but what I don't like is when they say, 'Oh, it didn't look great.' What didn't look great, from what sense? From a pattern point of view, from a fabric point of view, what?'

Pilati continued, 'I never thought I could design better than Saint Laurent, I mean, how can you top him? At the same time, you don't want to lose the confidence in yourself. You are creative, you have proved it.'

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