Fresh as a Daisy

After the mammoth success of Pearl Lowe's sell-out collections for high street store Peacocks, it was surely only a matter of time before daughter Daisy decided to nab a bit of the action and do a range herself. Nobody, though, could have predicted quite how good it would be.

Daisy Lowe has made her Peacocks debut with a swimwear range, inspired by 50s pin up icons like Betty Paige. Affordable, flattering and extremely chic, the collection looks pretty likely to be a hit - not least because Miss Lowe herself has selflessly offered up her services as a model for the collection. And she looks stunning.

Daisy spoke about the collection with Grazia, saying: 'My mum is my style icon and it was great growing up and having access to her closet. I’m so pleased I now have my own collection to wear and share with my friends instead of nagging my mum for hers.' Like, can you imagine if you didn't have your own highstreet collection to share with your friends?? How embarrassing.

The range will be available next month from Peacocks stores and online.

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