French fancy dress ideas

Halloween parties are fun and the best part is dressing up any way you’d like. This particular night, you can be as gruesome or as sexy as you wish to be. Here’s a suggestion that you might consider. How about a French fancy dress? You can dress up as Marie Antoinette, a burlesque showgirl or a hot French maid.

Go to www.fancydressball.co.uk for a complete selection of fancy party dresses. Look into the French costumes and you will find new designs and complete accessories to go with your chosen outfit. The French Mademoiselle Costume looks quite delightful for just £29.60. It comes with a red scarf and beret. Get the blonde wig to match for £9.95.

Feeling a bit historical? Why not try the Fever Marie Antoinette costume, which comes in a pink colour and separate sleeves. This can be yours for just £26.99. The Lady Elegance outfit is a French fancy dress as well in a striking blue colour and costs £23.99. Complete the outfit with black stockings and a pair of lacy gloves for that sexy feel.

Party Packs has a Lady Versailles sexy dress in store, which is perfect for historic dress parties. Visit their website www.partypacks.co.uk and take a look at this pretty mini dress in a baby pink colour. It comes in just one size, which would likely fit sizes 10 to 14. You can always adjust costumes with a handy dandy sewing kit. This costs £30.60, inclusive of VAT. Get the court lady white wig to match for just £9.30.

Look great this Halloween or any other fancy parties that you might attend. Don’t settle for scary costumes but rather go for kinky sexy outfits. You will look good and definitely feel good.

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