Freddy WR.UP push up jersey trousers

Wouldn't be great to find the perfect pair of trousers comfortable and stylish enough to wear everyday and that also help hiding unwanted bumps and lumps? Thanks to Freddy, an Italian fashion brand, your wishes have become reality.

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The label has created WR.UP trousers, a new range that guarantees a perfect fit by supporting and enhancing waistline, hips and bottom. The ingenious garment is designed to follow the natural line of the body as well as controlling the curves in order to reduce inches from crucial areas.

The new Freddy with WR.UP technology have a special silicon band hidden within the stitches of the waistline and the hips, which support and push up the feminine shapes. In addition to hold up the forms, the silicone membrane also redesign and model buttocks, legs and abdomen, wrapping the body comfortably.

The clever trousers are made of jersey and are available in different colours, like Blue, Melange grey, Black and Green, or in trendy hue such as pink, bright blue, yellow and red. Each pair can be bought in slim and regular fit and the range include stylish models, perfect for the office and for a night out, as well as sporty ones, good for yoga, running, pilates and zumba.

Freddy Spa’s art director Bruno Marzio Salvetti Bardini stated, “The new trouser represents an evolution from the jersey gym trouser. For the first time, we’ve made stretch jersey designed for urban use.” The WR.UP are made with highly breathable polyester DIWO (Dry In Wet Out) exclusive material and are sold in all Freddy flagship store all over the world and also in other selected retailers.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL "Freddy WR.UP push up jersey trousers" Photo gallery

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