Fred Perry shoes on sale online

Fred Perry products are recognisable worldwide by their laurel wreath emblem that appears on all items made. The very first product to be made by Fred Perry was a sweatband, which he later made to be worn by many famous tennis players. Perry designed his iconic slim-fitting cotton piquhirt branded shirt, before moving on to making shoes and other accessories. You can find Fred Perry boots and shoes on sale at many online retailers.

Men’s boots are available in different materials like waxed canvas, leather, nubuck and suede. This season’s Fred Perry Byron herringbone shoes retail at £65 at fredperry.com, but a similar last season style is selling for £51 in selected sizes at schuh.co.uk. The most recognisable shoe from Fred Perry is their soft lace ups, which are a bit more stylish than trainers. Lace ups shoes come in many different styles, such as Banks Chambray (£45 from brandshop.co.uk) or the Foxx Suede retailing at £60 from fredperry.com. Foxx Suede shoes are available from office.co.uk at a slight discounted price of £56.99, and the only difference is the colour of the laurel leaf motif on the side of a shoe and the laces.

Fred Perry shoes and boots are also available for women. Celebrities such as the late Amy Winehouse have collaboratively designed women’s shoes. For example, you can purchase Kilted Suede Loafers, retailing at £65 from fredperry.com, from Amy Winehouse’s collection. A pair of suede loafers, almost identical to Amy’s design, can be found at soletrader.co.uk to £39. The only differences between these Fred Perry shoes are the sole and the insert colour.

Other shoe styles are available for women. You can find plimsolls, suede and material boots and leather and canvas shoes. A pair of Phoenix Canvas Plimsolls will cost you £42.00 from fredperry.com, but a similar style can be purchased from mandmdirect for £15.99, a change of laces, and you would hardly tell they are not this season’s purchase.

If you do not need to have this season's colours or are fussed about minor changes of detail, then there are bargains to be had on Fred Perry shoes and boots on sale online. New season stock is priced very similarly on various web sites, so it does not matter where you decide to purchase from.

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