Deciding which pair of shoes to wear in the morning can be a difficult process. Heels, flats, sandals, trainers...the choice can be too much. But fear not, the design genii at Prada have come up with a solution - the 'creeper brogue'.

This slightly bizarre new shoe appears to be an amalgamation of a brogue, an espadrille and a trainer. It gives the wearer a couple of extra inches in height yet has a good sensible flat sole, and comes in a variety of colours. According to The Sun, the creeper brogues were shown on the Milan catwalk last September and, despite only just hitting the shops, have already sold out in most UK retailers.

At £510, you'd have to be pretty sure this is a look you can pull off, but if you want to road-test the style first you could try ASOS which has a cheaper creeper brogue available at £75. Or take a trip to any Camden shoe shop, buy yourself some cheap black brothel creepers, and have fun decorating them with your favourite coloured marker-pens for a more 'recession friendly' solution.

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