Francois Nars: 15x15

Francoise Nars, the genius behind Nars cosmetics has released a new book. The book, titled 15x15, features fifteen celebrities all stunningly transformed by the man himself. Marc Jacobs wears ferocious red lipstick and nail varnish. Naomi Campbell looks beyond divine in a jewel encrusted black dress, barely there make-up and delicately feathered hair.

Of course it's much cleverer than simply doing the stars up and photographing them: each portrait takes inspiration from a particular Nars product and recreates an iconic photo in the process. So Marc Jacob's man-i-cure uses Nars nail polish to recreate a portrait of 1960's supermodel China Machado. Isabella Rossellini wears a Junya Watanabe top and Nar Misfit Duo Eyeshadow. Lush.

This book will look hotter than hot on any coffee table in the land. But the nicest bit? All the proceeds go to charity.

The book costs $80, and is out this November. Grab a copy from NarsCosmetics.

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