Fran and Jane prom dresses

Don’t want to spend hundreds of quid on a prom dress that you'll never wear again? Then why not pop in and see the Fran and Jane dresses that are available this year! They have a stunning selection of party dresses that you can wear again and again.

With everybody having a few less pennies in their pockets this year, Fran and Jane is a great option for prom dresses. Not only are the dresses to die for, but the prices are well within budget. There are a wide variety of dresses, from maxi to cocktail, so you can find a cute prom dress that you'll be able to wear on other occasions too. 

Prices range from €139/£120 for a cocktail dress to €279/£250 for a maxi. You can also pick up your matching shoes and accessories in store too, so Fran and Jane is the perfect one stop shop for all you prom needs. Stores are located in London, Belfast and a range of locations throughout Ireland, including Dublin, Kildare, Cork, Tipperary, Louth and Meath. If you don’t have the time to visit the shops, check out their online store at www.franandjane.com and purchase from the comfort of your home.

Still worried about the price? Then get to their outlet store in Kildare Shopping Village. It's packed with stylish dresses at wholesale prices and it's easy to find a good bargain.

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