Four seasons of Animal clothing

Animal clothing comes from a premier brand known for ingenious watches specifically made for surfers. They have quality items that can dress you from top to toe. Animal started out as a brand for surfers, and today, the line has now expanded and have exquisite apparel for snowboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding and mountain biking.

Animal clothing is geared towards extreme sports and for adrenaline junkies. All the gears they make are durable and can endure anything thrown at it. It can survive extreme conditions including intense summer heat, cold winters and the strong breeze perfect for kite surfing.

The company also has wetsuits designed specifically for water sports. These are technically solid and are perfectly crafted to enhance athletic skills and maximise any water sport experience. Animal designs bikinis as well and would let you flaunt your toned and sculpted body. These wetsuits and bikinis are best matched with their top-of-the-line waterproof watches.

The company also sponsors hip events such as the Animal Windfest, which is held every September at Sandbanks, Poole. The Water sports festival is usually scheduled for three days. Visit their site at www.animal.co.uk to check for the latest trends and events.

The brand not only has your sporting needs in check, it also offers stylish clothes for all seasons. They have the coolest summer clothes and the trendiest accessories to fit and match. The animal graphic tees are unique and are definitely statement pieces. The brand also has awesome skate shoes for everyday use. Their jackets are hip and trendy and are truly the epitome of urban style. Check out www.extremepie.com and see what the brand has to offer.

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