Formichetti gives new life to Mugler

There was a huge buzz around Nicola Formichetti's debut season at Thierry Mugler, particularly when we got wind that Lady Gaga would be providing the soundtrack. Sadly mere mortals couldn't even hope for an invitation to the event itself (unless Nicola decided they were dressed appropriately, as he posted on Twitter: 'its a very small limited space BUT i will try to let you in if you look cool !!!').

It's lucky for us, then, that a video showcasing the collection has been released, with a exclusive sneak-listen of Gaga's new song as the soundtrack. The vid features catwalk footage from the Paris show along with specially filmed footage of super-cool, super-tattooed male model Rick Genest.

So, without further delay, ladies and gentlemen we give you - the brand new Thierry Mugler vid:

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