How to find your perfect formal shoes!

We know how hard it can be to choose the right shoes for your formal - after all, you'll probably only have this experience once and you want to look perfect! Are you confused by the number of formal shoes on the market? Read on for a simple guide to women's formal shoe types.

Classic Heeled Pump

The classic pump is versatile, elegant and understated. It has a closed toe and a hell of around two to three inches. Pumps are available in leather, microfibre and many other fabrics. The key to this look is to keep your formal shoes basic and let your dress do the talking.

Low Heel Pump

This pump style has a low or kitten heel and a closed toe. It is popular in round or pointed toes. If you'll be on your feet all night, go for the round toe - they're most comfortable. This is a great option for girls who aren't used to heels but who don't want to wear flats.

Open Toe Dress Heel

This is a real dress up shoe - so a great option if your dress is quite plain. These shoes can take the shape of a pump with a peep-toe or a slingback style. The heel is quite high, usually three to four inches. Shiny patent leather or metallic shades look great.

Summer Sandal

A heeled sandal is a great choice for formal occasions in the summer. Available in bright colours, metallics or prints, there's plenty of room to be creative and have a little fun.

Evening Shoe

The evening shoe is a broad category that contains a number of different styles of formal shoes. Evening shoes are often embellished with rhinestones or jewels, and usually black or metallic in colour.


A pretty pair of embellished flats can look great with a formal dress, especially if you're going for a tea length option.

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