Forget Milan, babes, it's all about Essex

Spray tan guns at the ready, everyone, Essex Fashion Week is just around the corner and, the Telegraph writes, it's set to be bigger and better than ever before.

The glamorous affair promises VIP speed boat and helicopter arrivals, a champagne reception and a four course lunch - what else would you expect from the UK's sparkliest county? The event organisers Adam and Simon Ryan, claim it will be the 'social event of the fashion calendar' and as it featured in everyone's favourite 'documentary' The Only Way is Essex in 2010, we believe them. We didn't make it to last year's shindig and we were 'well jel', so we'll deffo be booking the limo this time.

Expect the true 'Only Way' experience at this 4-night fashion phenomenon, including a model competition, an Essex-themed party and a celebrity charity auction at the legendary nightclub Faces. Shaa up!!

There's not much info about the actual fashion shows, but we all know this isn't about the clothes - it's all about the vajazzles babes. Essex Fashion Week kicks off on March 24th and you'd totes better be there.

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