Cheap, chic and cheerful – using flowers for hair accessories

Tired of ballerina buns? Sick of endlessly straightening your locks? Aside from being a stylish way to mask those dreaded 'bad hair days', there's a potentially endless number of ways you can work the flower power look with your hair. Using flowers for hair accessories is something we commonly do for weddings, or perhaps on the beach for a romantic, fun look, but flowers shouldn't, and needn't, be restricted to these occasions.

A retro silk flower accessory in red, for example, can look both smart and pretty for the office teamed with a fitted black suit dress, while adding a much-needed splash of colour to often too dull office attire.

Flowers as hair accessories evoke femininity and nature, and so are perfect worn as part of your casual summer wardrobe. Long, tumbling tresses look great matched with a dramatic, elegant flower clip (roses are always a classic choice), while shorter locks will look sweet with a neater flower style (daisies are a versatile option and look great with jeans or floaty summer dresses).

Flower accessories needn't cost the earth - this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPTG80bD_FQ) even tells you how to make your own from scratch.

There are some great websites out there which should help you decide what style of flower will suit your hair type, colour and even your face shape best. (Try http://www.flowerclip.com/hair-flowers.php for some good ideas to get you started.)

For an elegant understated look, try pinning a simple white bloom to the back of an up-do, for a modern take on the screen goddesses of yesteryear. No need for much jewellery, which will simply overpower - let your flower power do the talking.



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