Flower Hair Accessories for All Ages

Flower hair accessories can be the perfect addition to your outfit, and you can wear them regardless of your age. From adorable flowered hair clips for babies, to cute headbands for young girls, to elegant accessories for women, there are plenty of options available on the market today.

Flowers for Babies' Hair

You have probably noticed the current trend of large flowers for babies to wear on their heads. These accessories usually resemble a daisy or similar flower and attach to a headband, since a baby does not have much hair which to clip a flower. They vary in size from about the size of a grape to almost as big as the baby's head. Not only do flower accessories make a baby look super cute, they also prevent strangers from calling your baby girl a boy!

Flowers for Girls' Hair

Flowers are not just for babies; they are also perfect for your little girl's hair. Since girls have more hair, many more options are available. You can buy flowered barrettes, headbands, clips or elastic bands. Add little white flowers to a girl's hair for a sweet look, or try big, brightly-colored flowers for a bolder look.

Flowers for Women's Hair

Adults can wear flowers in their hair, too! Don't think they are just for little girls. Light-colored, small flowers can give add a sophisticated, pretty touch to any outfit. Flowers are a popular choice for brides and bridesmaids. Look for flower hair accessories made to resemble calla lilies or orchids for a truly elegant touch.

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