Thinking of buying some floral birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks have long been popular with everybody from hikers and campers to celebrities. The design has moved on for this summer with the introduction of floral Birkenstocks.

One of the designs of floral Birkenstocks currently on sale is the Betula Ceres sandal. The sandals have a double strap design with a pretty leaf and flower print on a metallic background. Both straps are adjustable to fit the wearer like a sock, and the buckles are a matt silver tone. Each sandal has a deep heel cup, cork latex footbed, cross support from the arch, a toe gripper and footbed edging to protect the toes. QVC are currently selling this product on their website at a great introductory price of £34.20.

John Lewis are selling the Smell of Flowers Tuvalu floral Birkenstocks. With a white base and floral design these sandals have a double buckle strap over the foot and a strap around the heel. As with all Birkenstocks, the shock absorbing footbed ensures that feet stay comfortable all day long. These sandals retail at £36.95. John Lewis also sell the Tabora Flower Paint toe post floral Birkenstock sandals. As with the previous design,these sandals have a double buckle over the foot and a toe post to keep feet securely in place. The base is white with a blue floral print and prices start at £34.95, rising to £39.95.

Floral Birkenstocks are high fashion indeed this summer; Make sure you are seen in style at festivals and barbecues alike.

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