Floorlength gowns reign supreme this season

All the parties at this time of year can be a stress for any fashionista. There are so many rules to follow: don't wear the same outfit twice, don't overdress, don't under-dress and, of course, never ever be seen in the same outfit as a fellow party goer. The good folk at the Daily Mail have added another major requirement to the list - make sure you look like a Hollywood A-lister attending a red carpet event.

It seems that the big trend this season is floor-length evening gowns and the fashionistas at the Mail reckon we should all be dropping our hemlines and joining the trend this party season. Cheryl and Dannii both sported big gowns during the X Factor series, and of course who could forget Rihanna's black velvet show-stopper? Other dedicated followers of the trend include Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Samantha Cameron.

The Mail quotes Selfridges womenswear Buying Manager Laura Larbalestier, who told the Guardian that the floor-length dress 'reigns at this year’s Christmas party' adding 'women who embraced the look in the summer are more open to replacing their usual cocktail party dress for a floor-length version this Christmas.' At least your legs won't be cold this winter!

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