Flares Find a New Holme

There have been whispers of a revolution for some time now. Secret glances in the Topshop jeans section. Fleeting signs of empathy spotted in shop assistant’s eyes for the many millions of us who have struggled to yank on (or off) our shrink-wrap-skinny jeans in the changing rooms. Well now, according to the Telegraph, the day of change is upon us. Katy Holmes has been spotted in a pair of billowing-ankled jeans: it’s official kids, flares are back.

If you were alive in the 70s, you may not thank this revival. Indeed if you were a part of the 1990’s 70s revival you may not thank this revival either (stay with us, this is a complex issue). If, however, you have been struggling to come to terms with the restricted access to your ankles that fashion trends have dictated for some time now, you may rejoice. Prada and Rochas both put flared trousers on their A/W10 catwalks, and the endorsement of Miss Holmes only serves to strengthen the flare’s return to power. Please note, however, that Brady Bunch-style florals and Travolta-esque dance moves will not be accepted.

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