Flamboyant guerilla warfare at Milan Fashion Show

It was a case of all-outguerilla warfare at the Milan Fashion Week Menswear PE 2010 when catwalk combat stickers of Filippo Biraghi's online Flamboyant Magazine(which we lurve, see our previous post) starting popping up all over the place in an insurgency attempt to hijack the Frankie after party.

The hosts of the do, who had managed to nab guests like Kelly Obsorne and her clone-boyfriend Luke Worral, were less than impressed with the ambush tactics Flamboyant had employed and have no doubt launched a silent offensive in return.

Personally, we love Flamboyant and everything they stand for. We're even hoping Osborne might become a little flamboyant herself.

We managed to find an interview with Flamboyant online, but while we're waiting for that, we leave you with our, sorry, the Flamboyant mantra:

You live in a world of excess

where more is more and less is much less

A day without fame is a waste

and a question of need is a question of taste

You’re so flamboyant

the way you look

It gets you so much attention

Your sole employment

is getting more

You want police intervention

You’re so flamboyant

the way you live

You really care that they stare

And the press deployment

is always there

It’s what you do for enjoyment

Flamboyant ( The Pet Shop Boys)

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