Finding shoes for kids on the High Street to match designer brands

Flat footwear is a huge fashion accessory for kids these days. Many parents would not think twice about the price they pay for shoes for their kids. However, do kids really need to have designer shoes to make them look fashionable? Are similar styles available on the High Street just as stylish, but at a fraction of the cost?

Soft shoes for babies can look great and will set off any outfit. For example, Armani’s kid’s pram shoes retail from £50.00 to £55.00 at kidscavern.co.uk. A similar style can be purchased at Boots.com for £7.00. Other designers such as Prada, Boss and Ralph Lauren also have soft shoes that are equally matched by High Street styles.

Pumps are great shoes for kids. They are both stylish and comfortable for kids of any age. However, do high-priced  pairs for girls, like Juicy Couture 'Bari Kid' Pumps in pink priced at £82.00 (available from kidscavern.co.uk), or that of Fendi Print for boys priced at £180.00 (available from step2wo.com), offer anything more than those available from New Look. Prices for boy’s pumps at New Look range from £4.99 to £8.99. You will also find a pair of similar pink pumps from Next, where you could pay anything between £13.00 and £16.00.

For special occasions, we all tend to spend that little bit extra even on shoes for our kids.

A glittery pink pair of shoes would make any little girl’s day, like Juicy Couture’s Reale Kid Pink Glitter priced at £89.99 from panachekids.co.uk, but these are equally matched in style by pink ballerina shoes retailing at £10.00 to £14.00 from BHS.

Boys do not need to feel any less stylish in their footwear, as Missouri does a Velcro, black shoe priced at £90.00. There are comparable shoes available for a lot less from Barratts.

Shops on the High Street have certainly given designers a challenge when it comes to providing fashionable, yet affordable shoes for kids. At least, you do not have to pay more for shoes that your kids will look fashionable wearing.

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