Find the cheapest children's ski thermal wear online

A range of specially selected items which come together to form the bulk of the cheapest available children's ski thermal wear which, despite their low cost, sacrifice nothing in terms of quality, protection and durability.

Trespass Cariboo Kids Ski Suit - £39.99

At just £39.99 with the Winfields Megastore (winfieldsmegastore.com) down from the recommended retail price of £70.00, this ski suit is available at a variety of locations online but Winfields is definitely the cheapest. Children's ski thermal wear can sometimes be of an inconsistent standard, especially in terms of its durability, but this excellent suit - which comes in shades of black or rosey pink - is both long lasting and highly effective. The two piece suit consists of a padded water resistant and windproof jacket, and pants with ankle gaiters, detachable braces and 4 zip pockets.

Childrens/Kids Water Resistant Trapper Hat, Ski Hat - from £4.99

With prices ranging from £4.99 to £11.99 depending on size and style, this hat can be bought in three colours: navy blue, black and graphite grey. The size categories are unfortunately rather misleading, with the hat recommended for "6/8 year olds" actually being a better fit for 5 year olds. This does not detract from the quality of the hat, however, and the faux fur and fleece linings really do provide some great protection whether your kids are skiing, snowboarding, or just out in the winter cold. Snap it up from Amazon.co.uk.

Dare2b Kids Uphold Ski Glove - £12.49

Down from the recommended retail price of £20.00, these thermal insulated children's ski gloves are available from OutdoorGear4U (outdoorgear4u.co.uk) for the great price of £12.49. They are fully protected with padded insulation, waterproof inserts, a warm scrim lining, and adjustable cuffs. They also feature a textured gripping palm to aid with skiing.

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