Find a cute, cheap 80s style fancy dress

The fun and festive season is soon upon us and Halloween is a chance for us all to live our fantasies. If you desire to look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine from 1984, then now's your chance.

You can find a plethora of cheap 80s style dress and costumes online if you know where to look. One such place is Jokers' Masquerade, one of the top ten best websites for fancy dress costumes of 2010. You might choose a an 80s Pop Bride Costume, reduced to £25.99 from £28.99, an outfit that evokes memories of pop star Madonna during her Like a Virgin phase. Or, you can go even cheaper, with the Adult Sexy Bad Girl 80s costume, another Madonna-inspired outfit, priced at only £9.99. For this price you get a short ruffled skirt, a front-tie corset top, lace leggings and lace fingerless gloves. A nice thing about this site is that it provides specs and information about the product before you buy it, such as length of skirt and top, appropriate bust size, and whatever other information you might normally want to know before you make a purchase. Jokers' Masquerade also produces YouTube videos to help party hosts with ideas about decor and costumes. Browse the offerings the company has here:  http://www.joke.co.uk/goto/80s?SEARCH_CATEGORY_ID=LIST_PRICE_RANGE=

Another place you can purchase a good 80s style costume is The Dressing Up Box, an online retailer that offers Schoolboy Rocker costumes to make you look like a member of AC/DC for only £28.40. Or, get a pair of zebra print pants for only £14.75 each. Or, perhaps you want to remind folks of the colour outfits women wore during exercise routines with the Let's Get Physical leotard dress, priced at an affordable £29.99. Delivery charges are reasonable: only £3.95 postage for orders under £40. Orders over £40 get free postage. Shop here to find more: cheapestfancydress.co.uk/Ladies-Fancy-Dress-Ladies-Back-to-the-80's/c66_270/index.html

If you don't wish to purchase a costume, but desire to create your own from regular clothing, you're in luck. Street fashion is trending toward the 80s, so look to your closet to create a unique look. The website 80s Fashion Fancy Dress provides lots of tips on how to build an authentic 80s style. Two things are imperative if you want to create an aura of just having time traveled from two decades past: leggings, lace, and big bows. Men should double layer polo shirts and wear acid wash jeans (found in thrift shops). Don't forget the shoulder pads! Angular fashion for both men and women was de rigeur, and shoulder pads helped to create a triangular look.

In any event, building your own cheap 80s style fancy dress for a costume party is easy when you know how to do it and where to go. Check out the 80s Fashion website for more info: 80s-fashion-fancy-dress.com/Clothes-Worn-in-80s.html


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