Fila ski wear - style on the slopes

For many people the leaves falling from the trees and the cold bite in the winter air means only two things. Skiing and Apres ski!

The fun on the slopes by day and the brand new season's fashions by night.

Working out what is in fashion and where to find it can be a minefield but one thing that is an almost constant is the longevity of traditional brands of ski wear.

Brands like Burton, Nordica and Fila Ski have been consistently delivering amazing fashions and rock bottom prices for years. Always "in" these stalwarts are sure to have something in their range that will please and capture attention both on and off piste.

Buying brand names like this can be expensive however. Normally when looking for the lowest price on an item the advice would be to look online but buying clothes online is not for everyone. Differences in sizes, cuts and body shapes means we are a little bit weary to buy fashion solely online so we will give you options for both online and offline shops.

TK Maxx have 240 retail units up and down the UK and Ireland and offer a chance to buy both online and offline. Both ways offer superb value and their best prices on this and past seasons fashions. With TK Maxx you will find picking the perfect Fila ski outfit is easy and affordable.

Simplypiste.com is another great ski wear retailer. Offering equipment as well as fashion means you can pick up an entire Fila Ski outfit including bindings, gloves and all associated accessories.

Happy Skiing!

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