Fever fancy dress sets the night on fire

Take your time browsing through costumes online at the Fancy Dress Ball and Taylors Fancy Dress to view some amazing costumes. You can find sexy princess costumes, become a mysterious pirate for the night or the handsome fireman that attracts all the ladies. With a touch of imagination, a bit of creativity and the perfect fever fancy dress, you are bound to have a smashing good time at your next gala event. Both shops are conveniently located in the UK.

Fancy Dress Ball

If you are looking for just the right sexy princess costume, check out the Fever Golden Princess Costume for only £21.95 at the Fancy Dress Ball. This sexy little number is a beautiful gold dress including an emblem. Finish your costume off with your choice of the Seductress Brunette Wig for £12.95, Long Temptress Gloves in White for £4.99 and the Black Eyelashes for £4.99.

Ladies can play hard to get in the authentic Fever Boutique 5 piece Pirate Costume for £58.99. The dashing pirate look comes complete with your choice of white, silver or black costume and includes petticoat, corset top, blouse, sash and hat.

All you gentlemen might consider the sexy sailor costume to impress the ladies for the evening. Look for the Fever Pin Up Sailor Costume at £24.95. Find all these great fancy dresses and more options at fancydressball.co.uk/sexy-costumes/fever-costumes.htm.

Taylors Fancy Dress

Taylors Fancy Dress offers free delivery with any purchases over £75 and gladly accepts Discover Card, MasterCard, PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

Capture all the men’s hearts in this Queen of Hearts fancy dress costume. You are sure to dazzle all the men wearing this stylish red dress with adorable heart motifs trimmed in white and a matching white and red choker. The outfit includes elbow length white gloves, crown and thigh-high stockings in white with tiny red hearts. This costume retails for £38.80. Taylors Fancy Dress costumes can now be purchased at Amazon.co.uk.

Fill the night with laughter, fun and merry making in fever fancy dress.

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