Fetish fashion

So New York Fashion Week has drawn to an end and JFK will be packed with well-heeled fashion journos thumbing a ride over to London to continue the whirlwind of catwalk shows here. With the dust settling on the Big Apple, there seems to be one show which has stayed on everyone's lips - Marc Jacobs.

Jacobs, who wowed the press last season with his take on relaxed 70's cool, took a decidedly different approach for autumn/winter 2011, opting for a fetish inspired look. Out with the floaty flares and silk blouses, and in with the latex and rubber.

According to the Guardian, Jacobs said he wanted ' discipline, severity and fetish' for his show, and that's certainly what he delivered with a collection of structured jackets and skirts, with models wearing almost military-esque berets. If that all sounds a little severe, worry not - Jacobs injected a sense of fun with his use of colour and polka dots - LOTS of polka dots.

The collection was deemed a huge success, gathering almost unanimous praise from the fashion press. What with this collection, plus Rihanna's latest video for her S&M single, 2011 is shaping up to be a pretty risque year indeed.

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