Shop at Fenwicks for handbags, fashion accessories and much more

Founded in 1882 in the then unfashionable Newcastle Upon Tyne, Fenwicks has grown to become a beacon of fashion throughout the United Kingdom. The chain has now grown to a total of eight stores located in Newcastle, Bond Street, Leicester, Brent Cross, York, Windsor, Turnbridge Wells and Canterbury as well as two Bentalls stores - one in Kingston and one in Bracknell, and Williams and Griffin.

Fenwicks' Newcastle based store is regarded as the flagship location for the franchise, and is one of the largest department stores in the UK. On top of being one of the biggest stores, a 2008 Sunday Times article placed it as the most profitable single branch of any department store in Britain, estimating the value of its assets at more than £330,000,000.

Given the fact that it's the main focal point of the company, the Newcastle store offers a huge amount more variety than the other locations. It is still classed as one of the most iconic stores in the city, and many people regard shopping there as an indication of one's status.

The demographic primarily catered to by Fenwicks is predominantly the upper middle class, although they have recently begun trading in many items which have broader appeal throughout the various socio economic classes.

The main focus of the non-Newcastle stores is clothing, fashion accessories and cosmetics, with the stores noted for their high class handbag collections and excellent in store displays.

Despite the increased expense of the store over many of the other high street retailers, it certainly appears that people will shop at Fenwicks while handbags, clothes and perfumes are still in fashion, suggesting a long and fruitful future for a company already boasting more than 120 years experience.

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