Fendi Menswear Fall 2014 Runaway show at Milan Fashion week

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Italian high couture brand Fendi is not new to controversy. But just when you think you've seen it all, there is always something quite over the top at any respected fashion show.

This year opens with Fendi's complete blow to even the faintest idea that peace could be made between high fashion and animal rights. No way. Not when you lay out the centre of your catwalk with what looks like yards of black goat fur.

Dark and rustic, the runaway at Fendi Men's Fall 2014 collection looked great and perfectly matched the clothes on display, which also bore quite a lot of elaborate fur collars and hoods and leather accessories, including duffel bags in Selleria leather and calfskin biker jacket, waxed and embroidered to look like alligator skin.

On the other hand, those beautiful male models carelessly strolling all over “an endless carpet of long-haired goat fur" as reported by WWD, were like a living manifesto of the total nonchalance with which fashion imposes itself over the life and suffering of non human creatures.

Whether you are pro or against the use of real leather and fur in clothings in our times and culture, to turn hundreds of goats in a flashy super carpet that will be only used once for a catwalk is debatable.

Even if the public is used to the Roman house being associate with the massive use of fur and leather in their luxurious collections, Fendi's fashion show last Tuesday in Milan surpassed expectations. And while fashion lovers at the show applauded the impeccable performance, PETA members where appalled by the cruel display.

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