Buying Feather Hair Clips

Feather Hair clips are back in style in a big way this summer and you would have to be crazy to buy them on the high street as they can be quite expensive. The savings to be made by buying your feather hair clip online are great, add that to the greater choice and its hard to see why anyone shops elsewhere.

Polyvore has one of the best selections of feather hair clips available online, you can browse their online store at www.polyvore.com. Starting at about £20 plus shipping all of Polyvores hairclips are crafted to the highest quality standards so you can be sure you are getting a product that lasts.

Of course there is always eBay (www.ebay.co.uk). The worlds leading online auction site has a huge selection of feather hair clips available and beacause you can buy second hand on ebay you can get much lower prices then other retailers. Whenever you buy off ebay be sure to check the sellers history for your own protection.

If you are looking for something a little more "bridal" the check out www.cassandralynne.com for a stunning selection of feather adourned silver hair clips just perfect for that all important big day.

Of course if none of the above fit your style you can always just make your own. You Tube has some great tutorials on how to craft magnificent feather hair clips in your own bedroom, now you just have to find some stunning brightly coloured bird feathers somewhere.

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