Faux fur care and storage

Faux fur also called fake fur is manufactured from synthetic fibres and is gaining in popularity. It is a fun fabric that has a number of uses and is relatively inexpensive. Fake fur requires less care than real furs and comes in many lengths, sizes and colours. Discover the products made from fake fur and care instructions.

About faux fur

Many fake fur products are manufactured using acrylic or polyester synthetic fibres. The fibres are then attached to backing materials composed of a knit or woven fabric. Faux fur comes in bright colours, several pile lengths and can be made to mimic the look of natural animal furs.

Faux fur products

You can purchase faux fur fabric by the yard and sew your own garments or pillows. Department and discount stores cater to customers looking for fake fur products. You can purchase clothes and boots trimmed in fake fur or buy fur products such as jackets, coats, rugs, blankets, toys, hats, gloves and home decor.

Fake fur care

Fake fur must be protected from snow and rain that can damage the furs. To maintain faux fur products properly, you should brush the fur with a soft-bristled brush once each week. This helps to remove dirt and keeps the fabric looking good.

Only clean fake fur products when necessary. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer for cleaning recommendations. Always use approved cleaning solutions, avoid soaking fake furs in water and never put furs in a dryer, which may ruin the fabric.

Consider professional cleaning services when fabric becomes excessively dirty.

Storing faux fur

Faux fur should be stored in a location where excessive amounts of light and heat cannot damage the matting or discolour the fabric. Using a garment bag may provide the ideal solution for storage.

Advantages to faux fur

Faux fur fabric can easily be sewn at home to make fun, whimsical products or clothing. The fabric is environmentally friendly and does endanger any animals. Because fake fur is inexpensive, it can easily be replaced when damaged. Many fake furs look remarkably similar to real furs, but cost far less.

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