Fat Face fashion

Fat Face offers lifestyle clothing and accessories. Founded in 1988 in the UK, the business started selling sweatshirts and t-shirts. In addition to apparel, the retail store also stocks footwear and accessories. If you are looking for a fresh brand, have a look at the collection of clothes and accessories from Fat Face.

What you can buy

If you are planning to change your wardrobe, consider the pieces from the Fat Face collection. There are roughly 208 shops in the UK and Ireland which sell Fat Face goods. Shopping online is also possible at fatface.com.

There are many styles and designs of clothing from the collection that will suit several lifestyles:

  • Active wear

From t-shirts and vests to crop tops and jackets, Fat Face has cute apparel which will please you. Take the Camo Print Vest selling for £25 and smart leggings. There is also a Sadie Twisted Crochet 2 in 1 for £48. You can get hoodies, floral and lace shirts and even a classic fit linen shirt at reasonable prices.

Fall in love with exciting trousers and jeans that are fit for the warmer months such as the Coastal Chinos, the 5 pocket Trousers and the Bootcut Darkwash Jeans for the same price.

  • Dresses

Feminine frocks, tunics, appliqué skirt and broderie skirt as well as maxi dresses are part of the Fat Face collection.

  • Sportswear

Preparing for the summer? Have a look at the array of swimwear and bikinis. The ClassicStrip Swimsuit is a steal at £35 along with the Reversible Bikini Top for £22 and bottoms for £10. Throw in the Oriental Butterfly Tankini Top for £28 or the Ruched Bikini Bottoms for £18 and you are sure to have a smart wardrobe for the beach.

  • Accessories and footwear

Accessories are available to complement any outfit you have in mind such as scarf, sandals, bags, belts, sunglasses and jewellery.

How to order

If you like any of these Fat Face clothes or accessories, ordering is simply easy. Standard delivery fee is £3.50 and orders over £60 qualify for free shipping. International orders attract a £10 fee. Most payment methods are accepted including PayPal. Have a blast and enjoy shopping at Fat Face for a complete makeover or to top up your summer or spring wardrobe.

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