Fashion's top dog

We know we as well as anyone, fashion can be a difficult business. What dress to wear with that necklace? What shoes to wear with that dress? What tights to wear with those shoes? It's a science. Oh to not have to worry about these things, to be able to spend each day and each night in the same outfit, blissfully unaware of the trappings of style. Like a cat or...a dog.

But oh, what's this? Celebrity canine fashionistas wearing Mulberry and Gucci? IS NO ONE SAFE FROM FASHION'S GRASP?!

Yes that's right, dog clothes have been around since the dawn of time (well, not quite, but you get the gist) but only recently have stylish pooches been stepping out from their owners' shadows to declare themselves the hippest...er...cats on the block. According to the Guardian one of the world's best dressed dogs is Tori Spelling's pooch Mimi, who has her own on-staff fashion designer. Spelling says: 'Mimi loves being dressed up. She goes to her area where I keep her dresses ... She has a closet. I hold up her dress and she runs around in circles. Then, when I put it on her, she puts her 'arms' through it to get in. I dress her up all the time.'.

Dogs these days can choose from Mulberry macs, Juice Couture t shirts, Gucci collars and rugby sweaters from specialist doggy emporium Max & Margot. So far we can't find anything about doggy footwear, so you'll have to watch out your fashionable furry friend doesn't try to steal your shoes.

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