Fashionable winter boots - to spend or not to spend?

Fashionable winter boots are a staple item for any discerning female! There's no point in wearing flip flops or teetering stilettoes in the depth of winter but no one wants to compromise on style either so that's why the high street stores are now stocked with extensive ranges of boots in all shades and styles!

There are knee length boots, some with laces up the front in a military style, the traditional boots with side zips and inbuilt platforms and even a fur lined boot with a wedge heel. New Look, River Island and Primark all have their own footwear collections that feature winter boots.

The prices will vary from store to store. If you're looking for boots to wear out at night then River island have knee length black boots  but for budget friendly shopping, you can't beat Primark boots that are priced from only £14.99!

The River Island website, which is simply riverisland.com, can give you a good idea of what's available and how much you can expect to pay for it. You can order directly off the website and have it delivered to your door or you can find your nearest store and just drop in! Knee high boots will set you back around £110 if you're looking for ones that can be worn both at day and night.

If you're shopping on a budget, eBay has no end of possibilities for the intrepid shopper. You can buy boots for a lot less than the high street prices but just make sure you're always buying from a trusted seller.

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