Timeless fashion trends every women must have

Trying to keep up with all the latest fashion trends can make anyone’s heads spin. One day leggings are so over and the next, the new hottest look. So what is a girl to do? The easiest way to avoid any fashion faux pas is to do it like the experts – combine today’s fads with timeless trends. With a little bit of a makeover and some updating, trends from the 1950’s and 60’s are still the hottest looks today.

Old is New Again with these Fashion Trends

The Little Black Dress

Vogue and Coco Chanel are responsible for turning a simple little black dress into an iconic symbol. Coco Chanel took a sleeveless sheath that came to the knees and turned it into simplistic elegance, transforming women’s fashion trends forever.

The simplicity of the look is what makes it just as trendy today as it was decades ago. The dress should always be sleeveless and legs should be bare or with very sheer hose, although patterned hose can give it a sexy twist. Updating the look is easy with sparkly earrings, trendy bags and little cover-ups.

The Cropped Jacket

The 1950’s brought out the lady in all women. The style at that time was very ladylike, no matter your age. It wasn’t unusual for a woman to run to the market in her little hat, gloves, and an A-Line dress. What pulled the look together in a ladylike way was the cropped jacket.

Cropped jackets have come a long way and are still a favourite for fashion divas. By ditching the pillbox hat and the pristine gloves and replacing them with trendy jeans and boots, this timeless fashion trend went from ladylike to fashion goddess instantly.

Jeans Mania

You can thank the teenagers of the 1950’s for making the jeans what they are today. Before then, only cowboys got to enjoy the relaxing fit of a good pair of jeans. But thanks to those trendy teens and stars like Elvis Presley and James Dean, jeans hit the mainstream and never left it.

Like the little black dress, jeans evolved into one of the most popular fashion trends of all time. You can dress them up or dress them down, wear them on a night out or a night in. Throw on a pair of boots and a silky top and look just as trendy as if you were wearing them with a pair of trainers and your favourite t-shirt.

Making Timeless Fashion Trends Work for You

It is easy to get stuck in the ever changing fashion trends of today, but having a few timeless pieces in the closet means you are always in style. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit, modernise your little black dress with embellishments, play with different types of cropped jackets and try out different styles with jeans. Fashion is fun, so make it fun with what you have and let the fads fade away.

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