Oodles of fun in a fashion shop online with your best buddy

Have fun your girlfriends by browsing in a fashion shop online. You quickly find out the latest trends in wear for all seasons that fit your budget. Web shopping is easy with a few strokes allowing you to view designs with very little effort apart from a vivid imagination and an intuitive feeling of the right mix and match of styles and colours that will carry you through years.

Top 3 web stores

Asos (asos.com) is one fashion shop with an online presence. It has been around since 2000 selling all kinds of clothes for men, women and children. Looking for unique pieces? Take a look at their Marketplace where you'll find creative pieces from upcoming designers. Join the fun by selling your own creations or open your special boutique. Keep warm and pick the intense blue quilted jacket with hood by Asos for £60.

Clothes by Oli are now sold at Freemans (freemans.com). While there, look over other styles and designs of clothes for the season. Get that fabulous Oli Premium Sequin Halter Dress for £75. Ideal for cocktails and night parties, this chiffon dress is chic and fun. Try their sister shops such as Curvissa, Kaleidoscope, Bon Prix and Witt International.

Be sure to check Debenhams (debenhams.com) for clothes and accessories for men, women, and kids. Step in an enchanting black evening dress by Betty Jackson costing £65. With a daring neckline and ruffle trims along the front and back, this evening outfit makes a stunning effect with its asymmetric pattern. Top it with a matching pleated ruffle cardigan for £48 and you'll have an outfit that will never go out of fashion.

Not far behind

Stop by at Matches Fashion (matchesfashion.com) that sells pieces from designer brands such as Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Lanvin and Maximara. Save up for a Smoking Lip-print Top by Holly Fulton costing £400. This designer top combines inspirations from Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster.

For glimmer and glamour, have a look at Top Shop (topshop.com) where you'll find enchanting collections such as Bavaria, Glam Underground and New Mod. Preview what's making an impact this season and grab the Moto Stripe hot pants for £40.

Emerging trends

A typical fashion shop online highlights the best of the current season. At this time, the 50s, 60s and 70s look dominates the scene. Wide leg pants, bell bottoms and sheer dresses are raging trends. Necklines are still low for that sultry look. Vibrant colours and shades are in and so are grey, midnight blue, and black. For the men, tailored suits are the mode but slightly modified for a comfortable feel.

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