Fashion, media & politics: a great cocktail

Though their working day couldn't be more different, it seems that the coming together of Sarah Brown, the former Labour Prime Minister's wife, fashion designer Donna Karan and the head of media company 'The Huffington Post', Arianna Huffington to discuss women's issues, will be an happening that could benefit millions, globally.

The somewhat unlikely trio will soon be participating in a one-day 'Women: Inspiration and Enterprise' symposium in New York, on 20 September, which will look at and address modern-day issues affecting women in business and industry and in their domestic lives, across the known world, Vogue online reports.

The event, which will be chaired by Sarah, 'will also feature a fashion show organised by Karan who is urging other designers to participate. Singer Estelle will also make a performance on the roof of glamorous venue Skylight West.'

All proceeds from the event will go to good causes: the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (which Brown is a parton of) and Karan's Urban Zen Foundation.

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