Fashion fortune

When Victoria Beckham made her big move into clothes design there were a few cruel sniggers from the back of the fashion classroom. True, many a popstar has tried their hand at fashion design in the past with varying degrees of success (hands up who owns an N-dubz dress, for example? Point made) and there were a few questions raised about Mrs Beckham's credentials. That is, until she unveiled her first collection in New York to hysterical whoops of praise from pretty much every major fashionista in the land.

Since then she has been nominated at the British Fashion Awards and seen her label expand from just dresses to include sunglasses, jeans and handbags. And today The Star claims that the sales from the Victoria Beckham brand have pushed Posh & Becks' estimated wealth up to a whopping £165million.

According to the Star the UK's Alternative Royal Couple made £20million in one year alone, thanks to sales of Victoria's clothes. And after last weekend's big wedding, where Victoria and David outshone everyone as the fashion leaders of the day, there can be no denying these two know exactly what they're doing. With rumours that Victoria may create a high street line next, that Beckham fortune is going to continue to soar for all the right reasons.

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