Fashion catfight over hot Cole

Our Geordie treasure Cheryl Cole is the fashion prize that three big designers are keen to get their hands on. The Mirror tells us that Cavalli - king of the garish lycra number beloved by C listers and two other major labels, including a high street chain, are dribbling at the mere thought of getting Chezza on board.

Advertising guru Claire Beale commented: 'Cheryl is a great brand icon. She is the Victoria Beckham for a new generation of women – but perhaps cooler and more streetwise than Posh. Her fashion credentials aren’t yet up to Victoria’s, and she’s still a little more high street than couture. But she combines beauty, poise and elegance with warmth and a big personality. That’s a very rare combination and it’s easy to see why she would be an asset to any fashion brand.'

We say aim high Cheryl - don't accept anything less than Chanel. After all, this isn't Myleene Klass we're talking about...

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