Fashion Against AIDS

H&M's fourth annual Fashion Against AIDS range will launch online this month and the highstreet store has enlisted the help of some major stars to help publicise the collection.

Penn Padgley, Selma Blair, Ginnifer Goodwin, the Misshapes, Sky Ferreira and the Scissor Sisters all feature in the new publicity shots, modelling the collection's unisex range of t-shirts, parkas and shorts.

Selma Blair says: ‘I think it’s really fitting that this collection is androgynous in style since the disease affects both men and women. It’s a universal thing and we are all in this together. It’s a disease that can be avoided and it’s especially tragic when our ignorance keeps us from safety.’

The collection will be available online from 28 April, with H&M pledging 25% of sales to the Designers against AIDS charity and other global HIV/AIDS prevention projects.

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