Looking for some fancy hair bands? Look no further.

Everyone is trying to stand out these days and a couple of fancy hair bands could be just what you need. Hairbands are a great accessory to any out fit and because of the vast selection of colours and types you will be sure to find the perfect hair band for your personality.

One of the best places to shop for truly unique hair bands is www.etsy.com this relatively new online storefront is full of incredibly talented individuals selling stunning hair acessories for low prices. You can be sure when you shop on Etsy that you are getting something entirely unique.

Another great online storefront is www.alibaba.com, like tesy you can get truly unique peices and have a great selection to choose from. Prices here start from about ten pounds.

Many people goto www.ebay.co.uk you get their hands on great bargains when it comes to hair bands and its true you cannot go far wrong on the worlds leading auction site, prices start as low as three pounds for some hairbands.

Always try to buy in bulk when ordering off ebay as you can save on the shipping costs if you do.

Another fantastic location to check out is Foxy Originals (www.foxyoriginals.com). Foxy Originals prices on hairbands start at about fifteen pounds so they are on the expensive side, however they do offer free shipping on all orders over fifty pounds which could save you a fortune.

Once you have your fancy hair band, slip into your favourite summer dress and strut your way downtown to show it off.

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