Fancy dress party idea

Want your fancy dress party to be remembered for all the right reasons? Having a theme can be a lot of fun. Here you'll find a fancy dress party idea to suit all tastes...

  • Decade: rockin' 50s, swingin' 60s, 70s disco or electric 80s. Play music from the era and go wild with colourful decorations.
  • Country: Japanese Geishas and Samaris, German milkmaids and goatherds, French artists and fashionistas... or even Aussie boardshorts and thongs!
  • Movie: Adams Family, Alice in Wonderland, Grease, Star Wars... let your imagination run wild!
  • Dress as your hero: You'll have a lot of fun guessing who everyone is supposed to be, and there could be some surprise revelations!
  • High school: Geeks, freaks, jocks, teachers and coaches - there's sure to be some interesting costumes! Get creative with the décor; you could even add a home made blackboard for some party games.
  • Animal party: Go wild and get guests to dress up as animals. Serve up some 'animal' snacks and play jungle music.
  • Black and white party: Everyone dresses in black and white. Think robbers, dalmatians, mime artists, zebras, a pint of Guinness... Coordinate the décor and even the food!
  • Circus party: Burlesque, clowns, ring masters, acrobats, lions - sounds like a great party! You could even splash out and hire some professional entertainers.
  • Bad taste party: Lots of fun and a perfect excuse to let your hair down!
  • Letter party: Everyone has to go as something that starts with a particular letter. A 'B' party could have babies, Barbies, bananas, Beatles, Batman and even Beyonce!


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